Weddings at our churches


We welcome enquiries from couples who would like to marry at All Saints' or St. Thomas's Church.

Weddings can be arranged at either church, according to where the couple live or are qualified to marry.

To enquire about a arranging a wedding, please contact Brenda Wallace, Priest in Charge.  She will be happy to make an appointment to meet you and help you to plan your Church wedding.See 'Contact us' page for details. You are welcome to have an informal meeting and conversation about your church wedding plans before you make a decision about booking a date.

There is some legal stuff that needs to be dealt with. English law restricts the choice of church where you can get married. 

Please follow this link to find out if you can be married in our church. How do I qualify to marry at a church?

To check the parish in which you live, go to the A Church Near You website and enter your postcode. 

If either of you is not a UK or EU national, there are special procedures to follow.

You will find more information about legal aspecs of marrying in Church here.

If either of you has been previously married, a church wedding may still be possible, but please consult us about this.

When you meet the parish priest to book your wedding, you will need to bring various documents for each of you:

  • Photo ID (ideally a passport);
  • your birth certificate,
  • evidence of your home address which is less than 3 months old (e.g. Council tax or utility bill).
  • If appropriate a copy of your decree nisi if you are divorced, and the deed poll if you have changed your name.

We will explain this when you make an appointment.

Don't be put off by the legal stuff - we will help you and explain it all!




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